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Property tax, sales and use tax, and myriad other state and local levies all fall under the heading of state and local tax (“SALT”). Many companies face complicated, inconsistent and constantly changing compliance issues in multiple jurisdictions. Tax laws can be vague and difficult to understand — particularly without the benefit of specialists on staff. Our representation can lead to significant benefits for clients — above and beyond the associated expense. Upon incorporation of our solutions companies gain peace of mind to focus on their core operations — while enjoying the advantages of lower tax and related administration costs.

Given historic deficits faced by many state and local governments, there is a need to balance their budgets. Increased SALT taxes often take up some slack by incorporating rate hikes, expansions of the tax base, or elimination of exemptions. This is why paying attention to the SALT taxes affecting your business is more important than ever.

Why Choose Our Firm?

UGBB does not compete with your accountants and staff or even your present legal counsel — we compliment their work. The education and experience of these professionals oftentimes did not focus on Property or Transactional Taxes. The reality is that these areas of taxation are not part of the skill set for most staff, CPAs and attorneys. However, we know that they bring other talents to the table. In fact this understanding is why we are able to “compliment” your own experts and engender a team approach to solving matters. Our group includes lawyers with tax and accounting knowledge along with hands-on business experience. Our professionals have extensive experience working with both large and mid-size public and private companies in the state and local tax (SALT) discipline. Add the accompanying advantage of Attorney/Client Confidentiality Privilege to these attributes to ease concerns over safe-guarding corporate secrets — and a successful formula to solve your SALT issues is compounded.

What we have found over years of practice is that the vast majority — virtually every one of our clients — has overpaid their SALT taxes or are at risk of being directed to do so by a tax authority.

These clients operate in diverse industries, such as: construction, distribution, communications, equipment and vehicle leasing, financial services, high technology, manufacturing, retail, transportation, farming and service.

Most of our Clients have at least three things in common:

  1. None thought they had overpaid their taxes.
  2. Despite that, each requested our tax representation services.
  3. Every one of them benefited from our services.

Our St. Louis, Missouri, firm focuses on two distinct areas of SALT practice — Property (Ad Valorem) and Transactional taxes.

Property (Ad Valorem) Taxes

Our firm manages assessment appeals for commercial real property, along with business personal property and manufacturer’s taxes based on equipment values. We combine efforts with certified appraisers when necessary to best position our clients’ cases.

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Transactional Taxes

Our firm has the resources to efficiently address Sales/Use/Excise tax compliance issues to ensure no over-payment takes place, obtain refunds and represent clients in disputes with taxing authorities. We also have the expertise to provide solutions which minimize exposure and maximize transactional tax savings inclusive of Registration and License Fees.

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Back Taxes

Dealing with back tax liabilities can be intimidating – particularly when tax authorities use collection use collection tactics such as wage garnishments, bank levies and property liens. We can help.

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Our lead tax practice attorney, David K. Adam, has an accounting background to supplement his law license, and served as a CFO, business developer and tax consultant for over twenty-five years. He has worked with companies ranging in size from small firms to multi-nationals. He cooperates with the UGBB team to provide services ranging from investigations, to interpretation of tax codes, to aggressive advocacy and representation at hearings. UGBB can be retained on an hourly or contingency basis. Contact David K. Adam to schedule a Tax Appeal or SALT consultation.