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State And Federal Criminal Law Attorneys

When Missouri residents face criminal charges, the first question that comes to mind may not be about if the case will be heard in federal or state court. However, this is a critically important component of the charges against you. Regardless of whether you are going to be dealing with state crimes or are facing federal charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will be with you every step of the way.

In the St. Louis area, that means working with Uthoff, Graeber, Bobinette & Blanke. Our attorneys bring more than four decades of experience, which means they’ll be able to handle your case effectively and decisively. Whether your criminal matter ends up in state court or is prosecuted as a federal offense, our legal team will help you mount a vigorous defense and work with you to avoid the consequences a conviction could bring.

Attorneys Who Will Put Your Needs First

One of the most important attributes that a law firm can offer its clients is transparent communication. We will keep you advised of your rights and responsibilities throughout the process, and we will always consult with you regarding our strategy. Because our attorneys are all partners at the firm, we have a personal stake in making sure that our clients are satisfied with our services and feel confident in our ability to handle the most serious of matters.

Please contact our firm for a confidential consultation about your case. Reach us at our offices by calling 314-732-0746 or 888-445-2353. You can also e-mail us your contact information to get started on your criminal defense case.