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Criminal Defense And Criminal Appeals

Criminal Defense Legal Services In St. Louis

At the St. Louis Law Firm of Uthoff, Graeber, Bobinette & Blanke (UGBB) our attorneys possess the experience and resources necessary to attend to criminal legal matters, regardless of the stage of prosecution or the complexity.

If you have been arrested, charged with a crime or seek advice to prevent future criminal liability, the attorneys at UGBB can meet with you as soon as possible for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights, provide guidance and begin working on an aggressive strategy for helping you avoid the serious consequences you may face.

Pre-Indictment Representation: If you have been arrested or believe that you are the subject of a criminal investigation but have not been formally charged, UGBB can immediately assist you to know and protect your rights. An arrest or investigation does not guarantee formal charges will be filed. Contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney can minimize the likelihood that a prosecutor may file formal charges or seek a grand jury indictment. The attorneys at Uthoff, Graeber, Bobinette & Blanke, will clarify or affirm your status as a subject, witness, or target of any grand jury or prosecutorial criminal investigation. You will be advised of your rights and responsibilities should you be summoned to appear before either a state or federal grand jury.

Formal Charges: The attorneys at Uthoff, Graeber, Bobinette & Blanke represent clients charged with all types of offenses, including felonies, misdemeanors and municipal ordinances, drug crimes, violent crimes, property crimes, white collar crimes, sex offenses, traffic offenses, weapon offenses, domestic violence, stalking and violations of orders of protection.

Post-Conviction Relief: The attorneys at Uthoff, Graeber, Bobinette & Blanke represent convicted clients seeking a variety of remedies including an appeal of convictions for ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct or discovery of new evidence. In addition, post conviction assistance may include representation at probation revocation hearings, assistance with early termination of probation, and protection of civil rights for incarcerated clients.

How Can UGBB Assist You?

Each case has unique circumstances and goals. Finding the best approach to resolving Criminal charges are important as is acting at the earliest possible point in time. Paul helps clients identify and achieve the best outcome possible so clients can move forward with their lives. To speak with Paul regarding criminal proceedings, click here.